Beginning African American Research: What’s Your Story?  Knowledge is Power!

Traci Wilson-Kleekamp

The prize of genealogical research is an opportunity to let your curiosity run wild while simultaneously engaging in discovery.  Some of us have grown up with oral stories about our ancestors, complete with photos, letters, and other prized resources.   But there are those whose family histories are more elusive, creating barriers to answers and complications because of half-truths, mysterious characters and – worst of all – silence and resistance by relatives to inquiries of the past.  This workshop is designed to provoke your curiosity about who you are, where you come from and upon whose shoulders you stand, with an overview of electronic tools available to researchers.  It’s a great opportunity to ask questions about how to acquire vital records, newspaper stories, estate records, wills, land deeds and a host of other resources essential to research and building your family tree.  The world of data and resources is BIG.  Come prepared to ask questions and embark on your own personal journey of “What’s Your Story.”