Keynote Speakers & Entertainment

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2019 Keynote Speakers

Doug and Deanne Walker

The Walker family is an ordinary family with an extraordinary number of children.  They have a fascinating journey of faith and trust in allowing the Lord to build their family to 21 children! Doug and Deanne were married in January 1986 and have been blessed with 9 biological children and 12 adopted children.   

They knew very early in their marriage that they would adopt at least one child, but with the births of their biological children being close together, that adoption didn’t come until after Deanne gave birth to number seven.  Once that adoption door swung open, so did their hearts.  They adopted 3 more children from the United States in the next two years. Then came the impression that an Asian girl was to be in their family. During the following five years, they traveled to China four times adopting a total of 6 children with special needs from orphanages in various parts of China.  A 9-year-old girl from India also came into their life, and once again the door of adoption opened and the Walkers walked through it with faith.  

Their most recent adoption is still in process with a 2 ½-year-old little boy waiting to be finalized this fall. 

Their family continues to grow having five children who have married wonderful spouses and have eight grandchildren with two more on the way. 


The Ritchie Family

The Ritchie family has always had a tradition and love for music and singing.  Brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts, grandfathers and grandmothers have passed down a rich history of singing in the home, church choir and The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.  Tim graduated from Indiana University School of Music with a Masters in Vocal Performance & Pedagogy.  He was a finalist in the Enrico Caruso Vocal Competition in Bolognia, Italy.  He has sung in many parts of the United States, Europe, Canada as well as South America, singing leading operatic and musical theater roles.  Janelle enjoyed singing with the choirs at Ricks College as well as singing a lead role in the opera The Magic Flute by Mozart.  Tim and Janelle have sung many duets together and have performed with a number of singing groups.  Ty enjoys singing in the various auditioned choirs at Liberty High School.  He most recently received a Gold Medal (1 rating) for his solos in the State High School Solo and Ensemble Competition.  Alexis has loved singing in the choirs at Discovery Middle School and now at Liberty High School.