Heather Hofmann has been professionally and affectionately known as the “crazy math teacher” while teaching secondary math, but is also known as the “missing children finder” in genealogy circles.  With undergraduate degrees in math and history and a Master’s in education, she finds that dates speak to her and she is able to piece together stories in the context of historical events while simply looking at records.

Having initially gained an interest in genealogy as a teenager doing record extraction, Heather has been working on her own family history for the past eight years.  She has traveled all over the Midwest and Quebec doing onsite research, specializing in French Canadian research.  She just recently moved to Kansas from Southern Nevada, where she volunteered weekly for five years at a Family History Center, working primarily with LDS patrons and youth.  She has presented at several family history and youth conferences.  She is thrilled now to be living within a few hours of her ancestral home in Concordia, Kansas, where she loves to traipse through cemeteries and meet up with long lost living cousins.