Michael Kennedy

Michael Kennedy is the President of the Joseph Smith Jr. Family Organization and of the Joseph Smith Jr. and Emma Hale Smith Historical Society.  He is an Executive Producer of The Times and Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the movie Emma Smith: My Story, Children of Joseph and the film Discovering Emma.  Michael works in the Information Technology field and is a graduate of BYU.  He currently works with FamilySearch as a Program Manager, worked four years with the FBI as President of the Salt Lake City Chapter of InfraGard, which collaborates with the FBI in increasing the security of the United States’ critical infrastructures.   He and his wife Darcy live in Alpine, Utah, have been married for over 40 years, and have 6 children and 18 grandchildren with one more on the way.  Darcy was born and raised in Nevada.


2 thoughts on “Michael Kennedy”

  1. Happy New Year Michael,
    Yes, I was wondering if you have a Family Pedigree Chart link, of the Prophet Joseph Smith,
    that I might be able to print out from my home computer? I understand that you have spent your
    life researching the Family Tree of the Smith Family. Do you ever give Lectures regarding this History, or has one been given over the years?? I would love to find a copy of the Lecture Notes to
    such a presentation. Thank you for your input and attention. Best Wishes, Duane Hawe, Paradise, CA…

  2. Mr. Kennedy: I am seventh generation RLDS. I have been referred to you by Scott Simonton of Phoenix whom I understand you may know. (His stepson is married to my daughter.) We share frequent visits re: Mormon history, theology, etc. and have talked about going up to Salt Lake to visit with you and the JSEHS. My father was in RLDS 1st Pres 1958-78. I knew well WW Smith, his son Wallace B, Smith, then his successor Grant McMurray, and current church pres. Steve Veazey who married the widow of my closest teen friend John Cackler. No longer institutionally active, I retain a lively interest in Mormon people, events, and philosophy. I would enjoy a visit with you in person to share any mutual interests.

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