Tracy Keeney is an amateur genealogist whose family history had been deemed “practically impossible” to find by professional genealogists.  However, her creative methods for locating previously unknown records and researching her family tree have resulted in the discovery of 594 previously unknown ancestors and 69 confirmed but previously unknown living relatives in 7 different countries, from Syria, Iran, the United Emirates, Canada, France, Argentina and the US – all in a year and a half.   Tracy is also the founder of The Armenian Genealogy Group on Facebook, with over 6100 members spanning the globe.  Additionally, she is the founder and one of three organizers of the first-ever Armenian Genealogy Conference that was held in Boston in 2016 and Detroit in 2017, with a total of 503 guests attending the conferences from around the world – from Armenia, Berlin, the UK, Switzerland, Canada and the US.  She is in the process of creating and formalizing an Armenian genealogical society.