Digitizing 35mm Film Negatives & Slides

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We will be digitizing 35mm film and slides during the event! If you would want to digitize your favorite family memories, you can bring 35mm slides/negatives to get scanned during the conference.

We would recommend that you bring your negatives/slides already sorted and organized so we can maximize the amount of media to be scanned. See the FAQ if you have any questions.
We actually timed ourselves and calculated that we'd be in good shape if we scanned from 90-150 individual images in the allotted time. 

At this point, we are asking to sign up for one time slot per conference day to enable others to have a chance. We currently only have one digitizing machine on hand and have one individual running it at a time.

Though we really want each class to be filled and attended, we would prefer that you sign up at a time that you can stay with the volunteers who are scanning the negatives and slides to make sure each image is accounted for.

The machine we will be using only has a slot for an SD. The machine we have can record onto SD cards no larger than 32GB. Please don't forget to bring your SD card!

We cannot guarantee that each image will scan perfectly. It mostly depends on the quality of the negative. We will do our best.

You should bring them the best way that would keep them protected to keep them from moving too much when moving around. leaving them in their protected envelopes or carrusel would be just fine. If you bring them in a box, make sure they are put into stackin an envelope to prevent too much moving around and risking getting scratched in the process. 

The output of the digital files is around 20 megapixels.

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